physical meets digital
NFTs are here to stay, and we've got the drop on legacy business operations. More and more people are embracing digital art and its huge potential, but we can't stop innovating dope ways to integrate NFTs into existing structures. We're leading the charge. Change is looming. Welcome to loomlock.
wassie nfts
Clean out your fridge, the wassification is here. 9,000 distinct wassies will be available to collec throughout the 3 day sale - 3,000 per day. It only takes one of these smol tings to overrun your place in just a few days, of course it won't be alone as you'll be buying as many as you can. Luckily, these wassies last longer than 14 days and will be a lot more valuable than 2.5 sat a piece.
Every loomlock NFT entitles you to a physical loomlock via a redemption token that will be airdropped at a later date. The redeemable loomlocks will be special edition, first generation units. The loomlock is a physical lockout device designed to help you improve willpower and restore control of your life from addictions and vices. More details on the product will be released soon.
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